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Pay Per Click also known as PPC is a kind of search engine marketing (SEM) where advertisers pay a fee each time their ads are clicked. In this way, the advertisers buy the visits to their website, rather than earning the visits organically. Did you wonder where you can find these pay per click ads? You can find them in the results page at the top having AD as an indicator. We at BOXFinity promote your advertisements by using our PPC management services which includes Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Native Ads.

When we talk about Google Adwords, it is the highest advertising platform. We bid on the targeted keywords by doing thorough research and implement strategies like bidding, auctions, and optimizations, which in turn improves the quality score of the ad and results in more traffic to the website. Bing Ads is as same as Google Ads and what we work on is creating different Bing Ads like Expanded Text ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Product Ads, App Install Ads and Standard Text Ads. Native ads are a different way of advertising ads. They are paid ads that match the look of the media format in which they appear.

We use amazing visual media that engages the customers and make them visit the website again. We run the campaigns based on your requirements and do cross-platform advertising so that they are more favorable outcomes. Our team comes up with a tailored approach for each client differently and builds strategies by exploring your business requirements and market conditions.

PPC measures success through ROI

We attract and convert through ADS

PPC Campaigns

01. Discovering Campaigns

We discover your past Pay Per Click campaigns, explore your key areas and then plan the campaigns accordingly.
Pay Per Click Strategies

02. Creative Strategy

We focus on keywords, and landing pages, based on which ads are created by keeping the audience in mind.
Pay Per Click Management

03. Monitor Performance

Our team makes sure to monitor the performance of each ad campaign and make necessary adjustments.
PPC Reporting

04. Metrics Report

Metrics represent the values. We produce reports to you based on which you can ascertain a conclusion on the outcome.
PPC Management Company
Achieve higher conversions

Every Ad is built for getting real results and conversions

Our PPC services puts your plan into action, by adjusting the campaign bids for better performance, and push Ads that only perform well.

  • We let your website traffic and conversions increase through campaigns.
  • Get branding across all the various digital platforms.
  • Can see quick results.
  • Target audience and make your Ad visible to them.
  • Pay for click, as the name says, pay only when your customer clicks the Ad.
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We combine success with ROI
Our Ads generate targeted new customers

Our PPC services produce the best results because we do thorough research on your user preferences. From going through your past Ad history to showing you the outcomes of the PPC ad campaign, we have experts’ hands on every step. We give the answer to your audience on why anyone should click your Ad.

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