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We socialize your brand through our Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is also known as SMM, it is the process of creating content and promote that on various social media platforms in order to drive user engagement and boost conversions. SMM lets your brand spread to a maximum number of people by social engagement. Social engagement includes things like comments, shares, likes, and re-tweeting posts. The content that we post on social media should be tailored made to match the specific social platform.

We at BOXFinity, provide social media marketing services that spreads your brand awareness on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, which increases your possibility of connecting and sharing the information to your audience and improve your brand awareness.

Get your brand socialized with us and make your brand visible on all social platforms.

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Ads

In Facebook Ads, we run campaigns by inserting a pixel code onto your website which helps us track the conversions accumulated from the Ads and based on this data, we optimize the Ads. We also target the audience from the custom email database.

Twitter Ads

In Twitter Ads we focus on targeting a specific class of audience who seem to be relevant to your business and place the Ads on their Twitter accounts. We target them based on keywords that they have used in their twitter accounts as hashtags.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ad format includes Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, Sponsored InMail, and Sponsored Content. In this way, your Ad is reached to the wider and relevant audience with the goal of improving your business profits and generate leads with targeted Ads.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ad campaigns are quite different compared to other Ads. In this, we create an exclusive channel for your company in which we will post videos specifying your products and services. We use Bumper Ads, Overlay Ads, and In-Stream Ad formats.

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Because Social Media is unpredictable

Social Media Strategy Research

01. Research

We research and analyse your audience based on insights before starting the campaign.
Social Media Engagement

02. Interactive Content

Our content writers build interactive content to increase your customers’ engagement with the brand.
Social Media Marketing

03. Media

Our highly qualified Graphic designers design the best media images and make them look appealing.
Social Media Advertising

04. Set Up & Management

We set up your campaigns and manage them on your behalf. We produce reports to you based on the outcomes.
Social Media Solutions
Get socialized with us

Social Media is vast yet very easy to reach

You can find the possible best results from social media marketing when you look at the number of re-tweets, likes, shares, comments, and views. And we give you the possibility to connect and share with your audience.

  • Your brand will get more awareness and reach more number of people.
  • You get the maximum number of leads and conversions through SMM. Eventhough social media is vast, it reaches people soon.
  • Customers tend to treat you like a family brand when you interact more.
  • Remarketing and retargeting of your product or service is made simple.
  • You will earn more profits compared to other ways of generating leads.
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Content is created for every individual
Every individual has different likes

We build strategies and target every individual based on those likes. We have built-in analytics tools that enable to track down the process and the engagement of Ad campaign. We create likable and shareable content and make your audience visit worthy.

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