How Important Is Web Design To Influence the Customer Experience?

In the first few seconds, the visitor spends on your website will decide if there is going to be a conversion or not. Few tips that you can keep in mind while designing a website so that it creates a remarkable impression on the visitor.
How Important Is Web Design To Influence the Customer Experience?

Studies say that the sense of vision is probably the most important sense that helps in attracting the most attention from an individual. So, it is important that you create something which helps in drawing the visitors towards it and engage them well. Everything today in the business arena is about its online presence. Be it on social media or on any e-commerce website, it is essential that people know about your company’s services and products. For creating this online presence at the right places, it is important to implement appropriate digital marketing strategies.

The digital marketing strategies are all about targeting the audience and directing them towards your website by way to improve the web traffic and the visitor-to-customer conversion rates. This can happen when the visitor shows interest in your company’s website. The 2 most important things that catch one’s attention are the design and the content. Even before getting into reading the content, the design and the layout is something that decides whether the visitor stays on the website and read further or just leaves the site. So, it is important that the design layout is so attractive that the visitor stays on your website to read further about it.

Why Is Web Design Important?

For any digital marketing agency, the web design and development services, along with content creation, should be one of the core strategies. The website is where the people will land on as a result of the successfully implemented digital marketing strategies. First impression is the best impression. So, it is important that the place where your targeted audience lands first gives a great and impressive first impression of your website, which is sure to leave a better clue of your services and products. If your web design layout is attractive enough, the visitor may keep reading further about the services, products, blogs, etc. But if it is dull and repelling, the visitor may not have a good impression about your brand and may leave your website without going in any further for the products and services.

The first few seconds which the visitor spends on your website will decide if there is going to be a conversion and if the customer is likely to avail a service or purchase a product. Although most digital marketing agencies think that a web design and development services are secondary to the marketing strategies, it is absolutely wrong. The web design layout, its development, and the content play a major role in deciding the conversion rates and in lead generation. By paying attention to small details and a couple of important elements in regard to the web design services will help in creating a huge difference to the website traffic and lead generation rates.

Here a few tips which you can keep in mind while designing your website so that it creates that remarkable first impression on the visitor.

  • Create a visually appealing and an eye-catching website design layout that is relevant and appeals to the target audience. Although the concept of ‘appealing’ could be different to different people, still, it is better to have a consistent design that is favorable to the majority.
  • Keep the clutter away from the web pages. Make the web pages look clean with a focused design and not confusing to the visitor.
  • Content is important to send across the message. It is important to keep relevant, but concise content that is more of a quick visual scan to the visitor and the person should know what the concept is about. For this, the images and design also play a major role. If the image is irrelevant to the company’s business or content, then it is going to misguide the visitor.
  • Videos play a very important role in creating a positive element for the user. Videos are more intuitive and having a video on your landing page is more likely to improve the conversion rates.
  • Apart from the visual graphic design for the web layout, it is also important to have a perfect responsive web design for proper consistency across all the devices.
  • Resize the images and the resolution so that it does not hinder the loading speed of the web pages or in navigation.

There are so many other ways to improve the user experience on your website. Needless to say, it all starts with an attractive and user-friendly web design which appeals to the visitors and urges for greater conversion rates, which will, in turn, lead to enhanced business prospects. At BOXFinity, you will get top-notch website redesign services, visual graphic designs, responsive web design, and other web designing services to help your business prosper well.

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