7 Primary Digital Marketing Tools Essential For Content Creation & Marketing

With the competition getting tighter in every field, smarter businesses are moving towards content marketing as one of the primary marketing strategies. Here is a list of digital marketing tools that are implemented by digital marketing companies for content creation & marketing purposes.
7 Primary Digital Marketing Tools Essential For Content Creation & Marketing

Experience and survey reports say that drawing a user’s attention and engaging them to visit your website is one of the foremost tactics to improve web traffic and to enhance conversions. This engagement is bound to happen only when the user knows well about your company brand, the products & services you offer, how they are relevant to the user, etc. So, creating strong and relevant content is one of the foremost things you need to focus on if you are planning on availing digital marketing services for your website.

With the competition getting tighter in every field, the smarter businesses are moving towards content marketing as one of the primary marketing strategies to improve the traffic, engagement, lead generation, and for overall better business prospects. Almost 88% of the B2B businesses are focusing on using content marketing strategies to target their audience. If you are a part of the remaining 12%, then you really need to explore and start working on content marketing. If you are in the minority and are looking to avail of the best content-related services, then BOXFinity should be your choice. At BOXFinity, our skillful content writers in Hyderabad will deliver unique & relevant content to attract & engage the users for better conversions.

Creating relevant content is not as easy as one might think. It is probably one of the most labor-intensive strategies, wherein you will have to understand your business, your audience’s habits & behavior, research & plan the topics, create appropriate & unique content, proofread it, get it published, promote it on various platforms, and finally keep a track of the results. Although there is nothing better than the human brain that works to its best for content creation & marketing, there are a few online tools that could ease the job to a great extent. Here is a list of the most popular digital marketing tools that are implemented by most digital marketing companies for content creation & marketing purposes.

Content Planning

Although there are many online tools like Mindmup, etc., that help you in planning the content to start writing with, BuzzSumo & Feedly are considered to be the most popular and widely used content planning tools used by most digital marketing companies.

  • BuzzSumo – To start writing content, you need to know what the trending topic is, how the competition is, and other relevant clues. BuzzSumo is one of the top-notch influencer marketing tools that help in analyzing & revealing the topics that are trending in real-time and, which you could write to find influencers in the market. You can perform content research, compare the domains, see what the top authors in your field are writing, and also let you know how the content is working on various social media channels. You can get content alerts, competitor post alerts, competitor analysis, etc.
  • Feedly – Feedly is considered to be a central place where you can organize your feed, read it, and share all the information you wish to so that you can stay ahead of your herd in the digital marketing field. The tool helps in compiling all the relevant news feed from various sources and puts it in one place making it easier for the customer to customize it, and also, share it with others. You can set up alerts for keywords, search for content from blogs & websites, and share it with others

Content Creation

If you thought planning to write your content was one of the toughest parts, start creating the content to realize that you were wrong.  Although, it is the content writers who have to do the final job of creating some amazing content to attract the users, there are a few online tools that help while creating the content. BOXFinity has expert content writers from Hyderabad who make sure to provide high-quality content to improve user engagement and increase web traffic. The most important ones that help in various stages of content creation are – Evernote, Grammarly, & Copyscape.

  • Evernote – The best way to keep your content organized and use it for future purposes is by using Evernote. Most content writers have skipped using other tools to choose Evernote as it is the one tool that helps you organize your content, prepare your to-do lists, save articles, plan your calendar, sync different devices, give access and collaborate your entire team into 1 single place of ideas.
  • Grammarly – It is very human to make mistakes. But the users are not going to be very impressed if there are spell errors or grammatical errors in your content. Despite working hard on planning and writing your content, it is going to be a mini-disaster if there are spell issues or grammar errors. There are many spell checkers that do the job of checking the spell errors, but not everything can detect the grammar issues too. Apart from the Hemingway app, Grammarly is the most used grammar check app that helps in detecting illogical phrases, misspelled words, passive voice issues, etc. You can correct them accordingly to improve the content quality.
  • Copyscape – Plagiarism is considered to be a huge offense in the writing industry. Although unintentional, if there are any copy or plagiarism issues, it could land you in serious trouble. So, it is always advised to check for any plagiarized content before you get it published. Copyscape tool is one tool that runs a check comparing millions of articles online and looks for any possible plagiarism. The premium versions come with more features where you can get alerts when someone steals your content also.

Content Marketing & Metrics

With the increasing competition comes the increasing demand to provide superior quality content. With almost 75% of the businesses focusing more on content marketing, the investment also seems to have increased to meet the demand. For these purposes, there are many online content marketing tools and you could choose the ones that are more suitable for you. After the promotions come studying the metrics and analyzing them, which shows the stand of your content.

  • Buffer – What’s the point in going through all the pain of planning and creating high-quality, unique content, if no one reads it? For this reason, it is essential to promote your content on various platforms like social media platforms, forums, etc. Most people prefer to use the manual way of posting an article or an infographic, or any form of content. However, with tools like Buffer, you can schedule a post across various social media channels, study their performance & analyze their metrics.
  • Google Analytics – To know that your content is in the right place and on the right track, it is essential to keep monitoring the milestones and success at each point. Google Analytics is a free performance-checking tool provided by Google, the tech giant, that helps to study the in-depth metrics about your content's stand in the field, how the readers are responding to your blogs, articles, videos, and other forms of content. You can also review & keep a track of the website content and its performance like Page View Counts, Average On-Page Time, etc. BOXFinity is a renowned digital marketing agency in Hyderabad that will implement the right digital marketing strategies by taking all the relevant cues from the Google Analytics tool and will make sure your website gets appreciable content-driven traffic.

Irrespective of the scope of your business or your industry, it is essential to consider availing appropriate digital marketing services to boost your business in the online world. Reports suggest that content has been a proven way to enhance user-engagement and improve your website traffic, in turn, increasing your conversions. At BOXFinity, one of the well-known lead generating companies in Hyderabad, our content writers, and techno-marketers will work in coordination to improve your overall business prospects.

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