5 Prime Tactics That Could Help To Improve Your PPC Performance

Paid marketing services are the most preferred types of services and give better and quicker results. Read 5 important optimization tips which when implemented could help in improving the performance of your PPC campaign strategies.
5 Prime Tactics That Could Help To Improve Your PPC Performance

With digital marketing taking over the ace position as the primary source of advertising and promotion of a company brand or business, the focus is on adopting different and new strategies to improve the performance of the campaigns for more leads, better conversions, and enhanced business prospects. Of all the different digital marketing strategies, the paid marketing strategies seem to be the one that give your company name a wider reach on different online platforms leading to better conversion rates.

Most companies nowadays opt for paid marketing services as it gives better and quicker results. The paid marketing services include different campaigns like PPC, CPM, etc., which are chosen by the digital marketing companies as per the budget and other aspects as required by the client (your company). The PPC campaign strategies are the more preferred types of paid marketing. Even if you are running a successful PPC campaign for your company website which is already having a great structure with constant improvements of the ads via A/B split testing, using various forms of extensions and bidding strategies, etc., there are still a few points which you should be aware of. In this blog, we will read about 5 important optimization tips which when implemented could help in improving the performance of your PPC campaigns.

1.       Avoid Overbidding – If you are overbidding on keywords that have already secured the top ranking place, then it a clear case of wasting your money.  By overbidding on the keywords that are already in the first place, you will be spending your money beyond the average bid with no change in the ranking. This can be reflected in the CPC bidding amount which will more than the average CPC bid. At such times, instead of bringing down the bidding amount at once, it is better to reduce it slowly so that it does not affect the keyword ranking adversely. By doing so, your keyword ranking will not change and also your money will be saved.

2.       BMM Caution – The BMM (Broad Match Modified) and ‘Exact’ are the preferred types of PPC campaign features. Although the BMM seems to be working well for the PPC campaign strategies on Google, there have been many cases where the BMM match type has not given the expected results or not reaching the KPIs on the other search partners. It means that you will be exhausting your budget for no appreciable performance. So, it is better to optimize and restrict the BMM match type only to Google and set your budget accordingly.

3.       Campaign Splits – If you are a brand promoting products via online shopping, then you don’t have to focus on keywords. So, the shopping-based ads will have to be a culmination of the related branding and the non-branding terms. You could duplicate or split the campaigns and set them according to the brand and non-brand terms. Since most people search by non-branded terms, it should be put on top priority in the ad campaign and the brand-term could be given a low priority. However, it is important to run both the campaigns simultaneously.

4.       An Eye on the Budget – If you run low on the budget, your campaign could get capped. It could be the one that could drive more clicks if the bids are reduced. If the bids are reduced, your ranking may get a little lower but you will show up more often and for a relatively longer time on the search pages. So, by reducing the bids the chance of getting clicks are higher since you will show up for a longer time. You could target according to the audience, location, etc., and improve the clicks by maximizing the performers and reduce the budget.

5.       Google Ads Attribution Model – In Google Ads, when you are using Ads pixel or Google Analytics, the last click model will be taken as the default model. This could disregard the keyword that drove initial visit but consider the keyword that drove the last click. This could knock-out or disturb the funnel traffic. To overcome this issue, you could start by choosing a different attribution model that will facilitate sharing of the credit across many touch points, so as to optimize the upper funnel traffic leading to a conversion.

Although these tips and tricks are just an assumption made from the results of many cases, the final result could vary for different keywords, different strategies, etc. It may or may not fit right for you. So, you will have to asses yourself the different cases and choose the digital marketing strategies that you think could work out well for you. At BOXFinity, one of the top digital marketing services in Hyderabad, we will plan out campaigns that will best suit your preferences and your budget. We are known for our reliable PPC services in Hyderabad and have gained the trust of our clients with our sustainable results.

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