Social Media Marketing – Organic or Paid For Long Stay?

The organic social media services are supposedly poles apart from the paid marketing strategies. Let’s explore a bit on what organic marketing is all about, how it is different from paid marketing, and how it could help improve your business.
Social Media Marketing – Organic or Paid For Long Stay?
According to a recent survey report, by the end of 2018, almost 92% of the micro & small businesses are planning on investing more in digital marketing services. As the undeniable exposure & reach assured by social networking seems to be working wonders for many entrepreneurs in bringing their brand name to the limelight, they are all looking for better ways to invest especially in the social media services. 86% of the techno-marketers suggest incorporating both, organic & paid social media marketing strategies to gain effective traction with the customers driving to better conversions.
Although the final output of most of the internet marketing services is to improve interactions with the users, enhance conversions, and bring in better ROI, the organic social media services are supposedly poles apart from the paid marketing strategies. In this blog, let’s explore a bit on what organic marketing is all about, how it is different from paid marketing, and how it could help improve your business.
So, What Exactly Is Organic Marketing?
Organic seems to be the hot trend everywhere. Be it organic food, organic cosmetic products, organic farming, or anything, name it & it has to be tagged organic to win the trust of buyers. But it’s not so with organic marketing! You can have it your way with all the others, but not with organic marketing. All you can do is just put in your efforts and wait for the results. Of all the digital marketing services, social media marketing is known to have a better reach with the customers. And if you are looking for a long-term stay on the market charts, it is ideal to implement the organic way of marketing.
For a simple brush-up, Organic social media marketing is all about using marketing tools & strategies without having to invest any money into it. Yeah, it’s all for free! The primal motive of using organic services is to build your brand. With the right organic marketing strategies, you could put into effect a content-driven experience to nurture the audience’s interests, leading to better engagement, & eventually building a strong customer base. Once a solid customer community is built up, you can execute the funnel optimization strategies to convert this organic traffic into definite conversions.
Organic social media marketing strategies involve posting attractive & relevant content to attract the attention of the visitors & have your posts communicate with them about your brand products, services, etc., and convert them into your customers. With the content delivering the message much easily to the customers, it will be a convenient way to draw the attention of the visitors. Also, a content-based approach to target the users will give a more personalized touch to the user in the entire process, and so, higher are the chances of user engagement.
How Is The Organic Way Different From The Paid Strategy?
The first obvious difference – organic is free, paid is paid! Paid social media marketing services involve paying for displaying advertisements & other posts on social media networks. The techno-marketers from the digital marketing agencies create & conduct various campaigns to run the sponsored ads with the relevant content to target the users on the social network. It is a known fact that the most common type of paid marketing strategy is the pay-per-click (PPC) strategy, in which the cost will be incurred every time a user clicks on your ad. With paid marketing, the results could be more instantaneous than compared with the organic method. However, the fall, if you stop running the campaigns could be equally quick too.
Make Organic Marketing A Hit
There are many ways to implement the various internet marketing services, especially social media marketing to bring in & optimize the organic traffic. Although paid marketing services could be very helpful in bringing in the initial traffic, it takes works like content optimization, using target-based posts, etc., to boost the reach of your organic marketing strategy. Many social networks provide options for targeting the user based on their attributes like location, gender, interests, etc., which can be exploited well for effective results. When the targeting attributes hit the bull’s eye, your audience can see your content & reach to your brand.
The organic way of marketing is considered to be the best way to learn about your customers, portray the values of your brand to them in the way they want, and build trust with the customer community. Although paid marketing is important to make your presence heard, it takes proper organic marketing to maintain your name in the market for long. Since the ultimate goal of a business is to stay for long on the charts, organic marketing is crucial to achieving the same. And if you have the budget, there is no better option than combining the organic & paid strategies of social media marketing to boost your business growth & accelerate the ROI.
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