How to do Content Optimization for Voice Search?

With automatic speech recognition technology on the rise, many businesses have started focusing on this. Look at how you can optimize the content for voice search.
How to do Content Optimization for Voice Search?

We all love hanging around with our phones and search for random things. Maybe that is the reason technology has been automating itself frequently according to the user interest. Recognizing humans' voice is not something only humans can do now, even the technology has started to recognize. This new speech recognition technology has been growing and every business is striving to make content optimization according to the technology

So, what is this technology and why is everyone after this?

Have you ever tried talking to the virtual assistant that is there on your phone? Oh, I am talking about Siri, google assistant or Cortana. If you have had a conversation with any of the virtual assistants on your phone, have you wondered how they answer your query given through speech? It is an automatic speech recognition technology that converts speech into text and gives out solutions for that.

Imagine you walking on a road, looking out for a nearby café on Google, and then you get hit by something because you were not watching the road. Isn’t that something too much to think off. Yeah, but this could happen to many people who get glued to their phones all the time.

So, coming back to the point of searching for a café. You don’t always have to go through your phone to do that, you can talk to your virtual assistant and get that done too. Just pick up the phone and ask anything that you wished to know, and it will help you get the right answer.

This is the future for many businesses because voice search SEO improves the overall search visibility of a business website. For this to happen, you need to optimize the content for the voice search.

Get started with the below tips on how to do the optimization

1. The conversation with the assistant would be in a natural language because typing is different from talking. While typing would be like a shorter not so-called conversation, talking would be in a more natural way. That is the reason it is important to optimize the content according to the longtail keywords and phrases that customers use.

2. This can-do wonder for the local business owners. The stats say that most of the people ask for a query that is local in nature. Say, for example, the user might be searching for a coffee shop near to her, then she would ask “Where can I get the best coffee shop in Hyderabad?”. If the same query is being typed, then that would be like, “Best coffee shop in Hyderabad”. You can see that the user is searching for something in “Hyderabad”, so coffee business shops or cafes can focus on this local term and optimize their content accordingly.

3. Throw your attention to the voice search trends, this will help you to focus on the behaviour of the user, which in turn you can create the content that satisfies both the user and the web bot. With so many tools providing insights about the user, you can get to understand how your website content is being taken by the audience. This will help you to craft more clickable voice search content.

It is never late to inculcate the newest trends in the market. Look out if it really plays a good role in your business strategy because if it fits in right, then you need to start optimizing the website content according to the voice search results. So, in this way you are getting close to your audience by accepting the queries in human language.


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