How to do YouTube SEO?

YouTube is one of the search engines where optimization of the video is needed to rank on YouTube. YouTube SEO is needed to get more views and to rank in search results, but it is a bit different from others. There are a few YouTube SEO tips to get more views on YouTube video.
How to do YouTube SEO?
When it comes to SEO services, the only word you think is about Google. But do you think Google is the single search engine through which you can reach out to your audience? 
It is true that there is no search engine which can match up to the size of the Google, but there are such search engines which can act as a platform for your business marketing. If you are one of them who ignore other search engines, then you are doing your business a disservice. 
YouTube is one of those search engines. Yes, it is a bit weird calling YouTube a search engine. When you see the other point of view, it is the search engine for the videos. It has its search box similar to Google. After Google, YouTube has been the second largest search engine. YouTube traffic is about 92 billion page views each month, and it gives an enormous reach to different blogs and websites. 
Uploading a video on YouTube is not enough to get views unless you are a famous brand. Optimization of the video is needed to rank on YouTube. Similar to the content, YouTube SEO is needed to get more views and to rank in search results, but it is a bit different from others. 
YouTube SEO Guide: Ensuring the YouTube Search Ranking
YouTube runs according to its algorithm while ranking a video. If you are going for paid traffic, it won't be able to ensure the ranking of the video for a long time. These are a few YouTube SEO tips to get more views on YouTube video. 
  1. Use Keywords in the title Of the Video.
  2. Video Description.
  3. Name of the Video file. 
  4. Using search data optimize the existing videos.
  5. Use the feature in the video on YouTube called Closed Caption (CC) 
  6. Keyword research and tagging.
  7. Eye Catchy thumbnail.
  8. YouTube best keyword research tools.
  9. YouTube Studio
  10. Tubebuddy
  11. VidIQ
  12. Share the video on Social Media. 
  13. Playlist.
1. Use Keywords in the Title of the Video
The video title must represent the actual content in the video for a user-friendly experience, which helps the YouTube search engines in terms of YouTube algorithm. 
To optimize the content with the keywords, you can make use of the auto-complete feature of Google and YouTube. It will give the overall information about what people are searching. 

YouTube shows the most searched keywords when you enter a search term which is similar to Google. From the related terms, you can choose the keywords with high traffic.  

2. Video Description
Video Description does play a significant role in ranking the video on YouTube. You need to place the keyword in the first two lines, which can be obtained by the auto-complete feature.  It is likely to be ranked in the Google search when the user search term is in your video description. 

All the high ranking videos in YouTube have the keyword in their first two lines of description. The usage of the long tail keywords will boost the video ranking immensely. 

3. Naming the Video file
You have created and ready to upload the video on YouTube. You cannot give a name like mov001.avi or random_name.mp4 to your video file, it must include the keyword for sure. 
As Google algorithm will have no idea about your video unless you give a representative file name to it. In short, file name will explain what is there in the video. If you save the file name as your video title, it will help Google in ranking your video with ease. So, make sure you have your targeted keyword in the file name. 
4. Using search data, optimize the existing videos
There are a few steps to be followed for optimizing the existing videos. 
  1. Go to
  2. Go to the analytics section and then to the top videos.  
Select the video you want to optimize for finding it’s analytics page, go to the traffic source and select the YouTube search. Through this, you can find all the queries regarding why your video is not in the user-friendly search. According to that, change your tags, headline, video description and all. These queries can act as the keywords for your video. If there is a query regarding any missing topic in the video, then that can be the next idea for your video.   
5. Use the feature in the YouTube video called Closed Caption (CC) 
You must enhance the narration of the video for a better user understanding. You can do it with the help of the Closed Caption (cc) feature of YouTube. It will show the text on the video through which the viewer can understand and establish a strong connection with the video.  
You can translate it into different languages through which your video will reach out to all kind of peoples. Your voice in the video will transcript automatically by the new YouTube algorithm, which makes things easier for activating the CC feature.  If there is no voice in the video, then you write the transcript for your video. 
Since the captions include the keyword written in it, indexing in the search engine will be easy. You can add this transcript into the video description, it will enrich the YouTube keyword in the search engines. You can use the feature like the caption for your uploaded YouTube videos. 
6. Keyword Research and Tagging
In Video marketing SEO, tags are another important method for ranking in YouTube search. The following are a few tips regarding the usage of the tags. 
Use your main keyword as your first keyword to establish pressure in algorithms. 
Next, tags must be in general and matching the keywords. Such as, for BOXFinity the focus keyword will be a digital marketing agency then the general keywords will be ' SEO services', 'Digital marketing services', etc. 
Tubebuddy tool can help you in finding the right tags which can be useful for your video.  This tool will show the ranking of the tags, through which you can use the higher ranking tags for your YouTube video.  In YouTube analytics, search for any tags with spell mistake, check the YouTube traffic for such tags. If the search volume is satisfying, you can use those tags in your video. For example, if the keyword is “Real SEO” and the keyword “Real SEO” also has the traffic you can also use this keyword for the tags but check the traffic before using it has a tag.  
7. Eye Catchy Thumbnail
Thumbnail is not a ranking factor, but it has an impact on your SEO. A thumbnail means an increase in the number of video clicks, which helps the YouTube SEO. Make sure your thumbnail represents your video. Many viewers will watch the video with just one look at the video thumbnail. 
8. Youtube best keyword research tools
One of the important parts of SEO is getting the keyword idea. You may not get to think about all the possible keywords regarding your video but you can make use of the Google Keyword Planner tool for getting ideas of the keywords.
Keyword planner tool
Using Keyword planner, you cannot only get the list of the search terms but also you can know the insights to that searched keyword. It would be easy to get indexed and rank in google with the presence of the same keyword in your title, tags, and video description.
There are many tools for finding the keywords for your video, but you will need to use the best ones to rank high in the YouTube google search. 
9. YouTube Studio: You can find the keywords which have the most driving traffic through the Youtube studio. You can even optimize your existing videos for ranking them higher on the google search by following the steps:
Go to Youtube Studio.
Click on analytics and then go to reach viewers of the video. 
Click on Traffic source and go to YouTube search
Click on any Keyword for getting more data. 
Now, you got the keyword list which is driving the traffic for your old existing videos. Start optimizing these keywords for your video. Change the video description by using these targeted keywords and also use them in the YouTube video tags. 
10.Tubebuddy tool: This tool is very popular for YouTube SEO. You can make use of this keyword immediately by adding it to your chrome extensions. It is also available as the mobile app for both IOS and Android. It will show you, how tough or easy is to rank videos based on the keywords related to the existing content of your channel.   
11.VidiQ: VidiQ is a new tool using for video SEO. It will help you to unleash the potential of video marketing SEO and build up the loyal audience for your videos.  You can go strategically to track the results of your video marketing. 
12. Share the video on social media 
Sharing the video on social media is an obvious one, but it is an important one.  To maximize YouTube visibility and YouTube SEO, you need to share the video on every social media platforms. 
Facebook: Facebook has tons of traffic, and you can drive it to your video with an engaging description. 
Twitter: Twitter native videos are very popular, but the YouTube videos on Twitter are far better than the native videos uploaded on twitter. The videos shared on Twitter have more views and high engagement rates. 
LinkedIn: LinkedIn video marketing is very effective. In a survey, it is found that the 51% video marketers use LinkedIn and 84% among them, found it to be an effective video marketing strategy. 
Quora: People on Quora do look out for information, which can solve their problems and questions. When you show up on Quora with a solution to a problem, then it is obvious that people will check your video and can even convert them into your subscribers. 
Instagram: On Instagram, you can share your videos up to 60 seconds long. You can make a short description of your actual video and promote it here. 
Tumblr: This platform is an opportunity for the brands to experiment with any new concepts. As they are only few brands, who use tumblr for marketing their product/service, it is easy to get through them. 
13. Playlist
Are you one of them who are uploading the videos on your channel randomly? Then you are going in the wrong way. You need to upload the videos in a sequence by making a playlist. It will help the search engines to rank your videos appropriately. 
A playlist will give a user complete information about one single topic. If you are a digital marketing agency and providing all the digital marketing services like web solutions, SEO and marketing. You can divide the videos of your channel according to the services you are providing and make a playlist with them this will increase the number of views for the entire playlist. You can end the video with a question or a review from the viewer,  this way you can have more interaction with your viewers regarding the video. Do not forget to ask the viewer to like, share, and subscribe to your channel, it will act as a reminder for the viewer about what to do if they like the video. 
These YouTube SEO tips can only be profitable when you make engaging and interesting videos for the viewers. If you are making tutorial videos, you need to work on the script according to the targeted audience.
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