How will Machine Learning Impact Digital Marketing?

The functionality of machine learning has a great impact on the overall digital marketing services. The ways in which these impact the services will make you understand how influential this is.
How will Machine Learning Impact Digital Marketing?

A great person once said, “The effects of technology are always unpredictable, but they are not always inevitable.” – Neil Postman.

This is true to be said. We cannot avoid the effects of technology that takes place every minute in this world. Everything is impacted by some or the other thing. Now, let us not talk about other things, rather concentrate on how some major innovations like machine learning are impacting digital marketing services in an effective way.

Imagine you’re in a competitive market and using out-dated technology. Isn’t that something which is unimaginable. If you are having a business, then adapting this technology will help you to stay in the market for a longer time. This is because developing your business through the potential use of technology is not something that is impossible to get. It is important that your marketing strategies go together with machine learning.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve the functionality without being explicitly programmed. In simple words, machine learning is a subset of AI, that will help a machine on how to access data and learn for themselves. This learning is done without the intervention of any human being and acts accordingly with self-assistance.

How is machine learning impacting digital marketing?

It’s been long since machine learning has started giving an impact on the marketers. It can analyse large sets of data and present them in an understandable format so that it will be easy for marketers to analyse.

You know according to Gartner, by 2020, around 85% of the customer interaction will be managed without any human being involved. This means machine learning will expand the understanding of the target audience and how they will optimize their interactions with them.

Now marketers might be worried about losing their job because of this innovation, but no, this will rather enhance the strategies used and make the jobs of the marketers much easier. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your job.

Let us now look at the different ways in which you can influence the power of machine learning on digital marketing.

1. Personalization: Will start this with an example, I hope you all watch Netflix and now that it got affordable to pay, every household is having a Netflix account with multiple profiles linked to it. This brand goes to any extent in order to get a better ranking in the market. They use machine learning in order to understand what kind of movies are watched by a user and then suggest similar kinds of movies to them. This will surely improve the engagement metrics with the website and personalized movies can be suggested.

Just like Netflix, every company can adopt this technology, to maximize the engagement of the product or service across various digital platforms.

2. Faster customer service: This can be done by using bots in your online business. These chatbots are a form of AI, where it simplifies the conversation between human and computer. They collect the data of the user who interacts with it and helps the marketers analyse and develop insights on consumer behaviour. They will also announce any product launches and share the complete information about the discounts and offers.

With chatbots being so fast at giving out information, it is said that machine learning provides faster customer service.

3. Creating stunning website designs: It is not necessary to go with the designer all the time. It’s time you start designing your website based on the user’s preferences and A/B tests.

There is one machine learning-powered tool called Wix ADI (Artificial design intelligence) which is a web design tool. It helps to create stunning website designs within minutes based on the data collected from millions of users.

4. Optimized advertising: Google smart bidding tool uses machine learning to automate the bids and optimize conversions from the sales made. This will help you to save time and money and of course, will improve your ROI.

Facebook, which is a popular social media platform, has this feature called Lookalike Audience. This will help any marketer to reach similar kinds of people to that of their potential and existing customers.

5. Transformative influencer marketing: There have been a lot of influencers in the market who showcase their level of potential in marketing. And as a marketer, it is tough to pick an influencer from those group of influencers.

So, you can use machine learning to match the right influencers with that of your brand. This uses Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), which categorizes image and video content according to the personas.

With Natural Language Processing (NLP), the brands can easily identify these video content posted by the influencers and how the brand messaging is done by them.

It also helps you from the influencers who are having fake followers and are luring the brands with fake solutions.

Let us conclude here by saying that machine learning has limited the usage of the human brain on inconsequential matters. So, the marketers who are breaking their heads to set up the operations, they can concentrate the same on building strategies and leave the operations part to the machine learning tool. Incorporate machine learning in your business and stay ahead of your competitors.


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